Hello, internet.

Welcome to my latest project.  This blog will be chronicling my adventures of imagining people as robots.  Every week I’ll be posting a new robot friend for everyone to enjoy.  Each robot will be inspired by someone that I know and drawn in a style that I think would be suiting for that particular type of robot/situation, while still trying to keep my “voice” in the illustration.  The comic will always be above, with it’s title/description in the box below, while my blog posts (such as this one) fall just below it.

If you guys like me, I’d really appreciate you spreading the word by using the convenient share buttons located along the side, emailing your friends, or linking to me however you like.  (if your preferred method of sharing is not listed on the right, feel free to leave a comment here on the site and I’ll add it for use in the future)  Also feel free to leave some comment love on the actual site.

This is the first post, marking the unofficial launch of the site.  The “official” launch will happen tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM when the first illustration goes up.  After that the site will update every Monday for the time being, with an additional day of updates possibly added in the future if I can keep up the pace.  Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you come back for more!

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