I figure since I started it up with Trish, I may as well make the next one be her boyfriend, Nick.  Nick is an all around nice guy.  Loves biking, and bikes related stuff, and even works as a bike mechanic.  He’s helped me out a lot when it comes to handling/fixing a bike, and even hooked me up with a REALLY good bike when one came through the store, so of course, his robot needed to be related to bikes in some way.

What came into my head almost instantly was Gizmo Duck, remember him? From Duck Tales?  He was sort of like a Duck Tales Robocop.  It seemed almost too perfect for Nick.  A robot that rolled around on a single bike wheel, with all sorts of gadgets and whatnot?  Perfect bike mechanic robot!  So, it was done.  I tried to stick to the general Gizmo Duck/Robocop flavor of mostly wiped away facial features, and “tough guy” upper body, but made his gadgets and such less “aggressive” and more about making and repairing.  Ultimately, I really like the way it came out.

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