This is my friend Ben.  Ben works for the NSA.  Put simply, I’m not allowed to know what he does for a living.  That is to say, he can tell me his job title, but can never talk about the things he’s working on.  It’s secret government work.  My theory is that he is some sort of espionage agent, and he shields us from information to protect us.  Hence, the super secret agent drawing today.

Today’s style is old-school 8bit graphics.  Ben and I both share a love for 8bit games, music, technology from the early 80’s, so I figured it would be only fitting to draw his robot in that style. (I also snuck a calculator joke into the title)  It is surprisingly hard to draw in that style!  I sketched out basics of what I wanted, and then went about the tedious task of making little squares to define the areas.  I’m sure there is a more efficient way to achieve this look than actually placing things square by square, but overall it was not an unpleasant experience.  It’s actually rather fun to figure out how to render something just using squares.  I suggest you all try it!

It also sort of reminds me of those “math detective” games I used to play at school when I was very little.  You know, on the old Tandy2000 machines?  Not intentional, but also sort of fitting…

Come back next week!

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