Meet Jack.  I’ve been friends with Jack for… going on 7 or 8 years now.  We went through college together, in the same program.  Jack has moved on to a life of puppeteering, puppet making, and puppet awesome…ising?  Anyway, Jack works as a puppeteer now.  Really, that job is super fitting for him.  One thing Jack has always done, and done well, is come with and create these creatures, and give them elaborate lives and worlds they inhabit.  So, I thought it only fitting that of all the inspiration that could be drawn, I’d have to go the Jim Henson route.  Specifically I went in the direction of The Dark Crystal.  Remember the Garthim?  Giant hulking crab-beasts that were unleashed upon the other defenseless creatures?  I thought, what better robot for Jack than a giant hulking beast robot, driven by a smaller robot?  The actual giant robot went through about 4 or 5 different iterations/variations before I settled on this one.  At first, it was more ape-like, with a muscular upper body.  I thought better of this, thinking that was too humanoid and not bestial enough for my purposes.  In the end, I landed here, I’m satisfied overall, I hope you all are too.  Jack, if you’re reading this, maybe one day you could make a puppet version of this, and we can add it as an addendum to this post.  That would be awesome.

Tune in again next week!

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