Today’s robot friend is a shout out to my buddy Brad.  I’ve known Brad for around 3 or 4 years now and have worked with him at 2 different jobs.  We bonded about comics, shared gripes about work, made fun of people over IM, the usual stuff you do at work…  Brad’s robot inspiration comes from his very own comic As The Grass Grows which I suggest you all check out.  It’ll make this robot make more sense.  I wanted to highlight the never ending struggle between his protagonist, Gnorm, and the insidious squirrels.  I figured, if he had a giant robot (a la Mazinger Z) he might get the upper-hand in the battle.  So, out came this.  Honestly, I think this one might be my favorite one so far!

Enjoy, and as always, see you next week!


So I just now realized that today is the 100th strip for As The Grass Grows.  This image was not intended to be a 100th strip celebration, but it coincidentally worked that way!  Congrats to Brad for his 100th strip!

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