This week I decided to shed some light on my “crazy pet person” side.  I told myself I WASN’T going to do this.  “This” being drawing robot versions of my dog and cat, but I did anyway…  Soooo. yea.  I have a dog, named Doc (short for Doctor Penningsworth) and a cat, Bryn (short for Brynleigh).   They are both odd animals, not being ones to adhere to the stereotypical pet-owner relationship.  Really, I kind of only drew them because I had a picture in my head of my dog with rocket boosters (as if he wasn’t speedy enough as is) and thought that it was hilarious.  In terms of style on this one…I kind of just went down my own road here, not really based off of anything in particular.

Anyway, I’m glad I’m getting this out of the way NOW, so that once this site gets any real amount of traffic I don’t instantly destroy my credibility by becoming “that guy who draws pictures of his pets all the time.”

As always, thanks for coming, and come back next week!

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