Internet, say hello to Heidi.  Heidi, say hello to Internet.  This weeks illustration is a very good friend of mine.  Inspired by her seemingly constant influx of new and ongoing projects, and her strange ability to just be able to flow through it all, I decided to make her a many-armed cosmic robotic being of … multitasking?  Basically, she seems to ALWAYS have a million things going, but juggles them all really well, and is able to pull out really great work with a schedule that makes me tired just thinking about.  You can follow all her adventures at her very own blog,  Hence her green glasses in the drawing (I know robots don’t need glasses, unless they’re optometrist robots…you know…selling their own products and all.)

This drawing actually came together pretty quickly (possibly out of necessity?  woo procrastination!) but I’m still happy with it.  I’m hoping that the more I go through this project, the more I’ll be able to see a finished product in my head and be able to quickly jot it down on paper, at least a rough idea of the thing I see.  I feel like I’m getting there, but it’s gonna be a long trip.

As always, thanks for visiting and come back soon.

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