Another Ben?  Yes.  Get used to it now because I have about 6 other friend’s named Ben.  That’s partially why I went with the naming scheme I went with for the posts, so there wouldn’t be any possibility of repeat.  Moving on…

This is my buddy Ben Woods.  He is an author, developer, journalist, and professional yuk-artist.  Let me explain…  He’s not actually a stand up comedian, BUT, he has a penchant for…corny jokes.  That isn’t to say he’s not funny, the guy is hysterical on a few different levels.  So, I figured, why not make him the stereotypical prop comedian/bad joke stand up comic in robot form.  Now that you’ve seen his robot, I suggest you check out his blog  You can find out more about his work there and ask him about getting a copy of his book!

Thanks again, and as always, check back next week.

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