Sorry to disappoint, but this week my laptop decided to give up the ghost.  I don’t know what happened, I just shut it down one night, and the when I tried to boot it back up, the screen wouldn’t come back on.  It seemed to boot fine, though, still made the startup noise, and all the keyboard keys still worked, volume buttons made noise.  I brought it to the Apple store, and they confirmed that it’s either the logic board or the video card, which they are replacing.  If there is anything else wrong with it, they’ll find that too.  Thankfully, I’ve been very good about backing up files, so if they do replace the hard drive, I’ll be fine.  The nice viking-looking man who helped me assured me it would be around 5-7 days before I get my laptop back, so next week’s robot should be able to be done.

Again, sorry to disappoint.  If I get my laptop back sooner than expected, I’ll throw this week’s robot up before the end of the week.  Also, if you’re looking to celebrate president’s day today, I did draw a robot abraham lincoln you could check out.

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