Post better late than never!

This is a robot I’ve had in mind for a while.  It’s my brother-in-law, Steve.  He’s also an illustrator/designer/doesalotofstuff guy, like myself, only much more motivated than I.  He runs a great site over at where you can design your own monster, and get it printed on various products.  Pretty awesome idea, I think, you should go check it out.

I thought, how else to depict him than as a merger of our two ideas?  Robot monster?  Of course!  So I set about it.  I’m actually really happy with the result, it’s equal parts a lot of different things, and came out pretty well.  Steve, and the rest of the internet.  I hope you like it.

As always, enjoy, and come back next week! (where hopefully I won’t be late again!)

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