This isn’t so much a full blown bot, this week.  If you feel a bit cheated, it’s ok, because I am cheating you.  I’m about to make you feel less cheated though.  The reason the bot is so late today, and it’s not actually a real robot, is because this is a sticker design.  That’s correct, myrobotfriends STICKERS!  The sticker won’t actually be in color, and will be of a slightly different layout, but a sticker none-the-less.  How do you get these stickers, you ask?  Well, Mr. Curious, if you come to the Baltimore Comic-con in August, you can get your hands on one-o-dese.  Not only are they FREE, but, they come equipped with super customization power!  That’s right, the speech bubble will actually be blank, allowing you to write whatever you think a robot bullhorn would be saying!  INGENIOUS!

I’ll be hanging with real-life friend Brad Samuelson, creator of the wildly famous web comic As The Grass Grows.  We’ll surely be swamped with crowds of adoring fans, so be sure to come by and add your sweaty body to the pile!

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