Sorry for missing a post last week.  It’s been a very busy time getting ready for Baltimore Comic Con.  Oh…did I not mention that I’m going to be at Baltimore Comic Con with friend and artist Brad Samuelson, of As The Grass Grows fame?  No?  Well… now you know!  We will be there with plenty of good stuff.  Brad’s got books and buttons and things from his comic, and I’ll be there selling 2 exclusive comic-con-only prints.  Be sure to check it out!

Anyway… on to this week’s robot.

Been playing a lot of Starcraft 2 this past week.  I was a HUGE fan of the original game, and couldn’t help myself when the new one was released.  I was always drawn to the Protoss, with their crazy alien technology and benevolence.  The new units in the game are awesome, and I’m specifically in love with the new protoss unit, the Colossus.  It’s very “War of The Worlds” feeling, and is definitely the most alien feeling of all of their units.

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