Hello, and thank you for checking out myrobotfriends.com.  My name is Sean O’Connor.  I’m a designer/illustrator/developer.  I like robots.  I’ve been obsessed with robots, specifically drawn robots, almost my entire life.  I’d say it must have started with Transformers, but, it could go further back than my inferior human brain can recall.  Enough about me though, you want to know about the site, right?

Let me explain…

I have this tendency to imagine things automated.  Made into robots, if you will.  I always wonder what specific things would look like if they were a robot designed to perform that function.  This tendency spread it’s way into me imagining people this way.  Mostly people I know very well, but sometimes, I’ll get a flash of someone I just met as a robot, either based on something they’ve done or are doing currently.  Think of it as a robot caricature.   I don’t know why it happens, but it does.  I generally never forget your robot counterpart, either.  They get filed away somewhere in my brain, only to resurface later when I’m doodling.

That’s where this project started.  Any and all of my sketchbooks, notebooks, notepads, etc. have robot doodles on them.  From the very simple, to the very complex.  So I decided, why not go ahead and put a little bit more refinement on them?  Force myself to expand the idea all the way to a finished illustration.  And so it has begun.  Basically, every week, I’ll be updating this blog with a new image of someone I know as a robot.  I’m starting off with friends and family first, as I pretty much have a robot counterpart already built for anyone I know on a personal level.  Once I run out of those, I’ll maybe move on to famous people, or people I just happen to bump into while I live my life.

This is an ongoing project I’ve started as a means to do more illustration work on a regular basis.  Also, like any other regular illustration project, to allow me to stretch my legs, learn, and improve on my abilities. So keep checking back, maybe one day you’ll find yourself on here.

Update Schedule

The site will update every week, on Monday with the potential to add a second update day during the week in the future, if I can keep the pace up.  But for the foreseeable future, it’s once a week, with intermittent non-illustration posts throughout the week.

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